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Mobile App and Website Development

Android app development, iOS app development. Web app development, Social Media Management, Hosting and Domain Services
Best Mobile App Development Company in Qatar


DIQ is one of the best Mobile App and Website Development companies in Doha. DIQ has different branches all over the world. DIQ has many specialties that make the client satisfied with their works. Our valued clients are the backbone of our company. DIQ ranks top in the field of Mobile App and Website Development, web app, and other digital services.

Our first preference is for our clients. We value our clients as important as the mission of our company. Most of the mobile app development companies in Doha give importance to their business. DIQ mainly focuses on maintaining remarkable relationships with clients. We maintain friendly relations with all our clients. We provide limitless support for every project for a long period.


        DIQ is Qatar’s best choice in the field of IT support for various businesses. Every emerging company needs digital marketing. The business can be boosted by preferring Mobile App and Website Development, and other online services. Developing business in a developed country like Qatar needs developed digital ideas. DIQ is Qatar’s ultimate choice for fulfilling your business needs. We are there to support you at any time.

       We never focus on profit, we focus on our clients. Before starting a project, our team will think about the various scope of the project. Our team will suggest better ideas to improve their business. We will conduct 4 to 8 meetings for a project according to the clients. If the clients need to discuss more, we will plan according to it. The meeting is for reviewing the views and ideas of the management. After this, we will deeply study the project and finalize the project details. Now, our team is ready to start the development process.

          DIQ has a CRM(Client Relationship Management), through which our clients can view their status of the project. Our team will update the daily progress of the project in the CRM. The clients will be given a login id to view the report of CRM. Through this system, our company remains in touch with all the clients across the world. The customer can suggest the variations in the project. It is the customer who decides the design and other features of their project. Our team will develop an amazing product from the ideas of the customers.

          After finishing the project, we will be there to help you in any situation. If your company needs the support of digital marketing, we will provide you. Our social media management team will help you to spread your company and the business. Also, if the client needs additional requirements, we will find a solution for it. In the future, if the customer finds any difficulty in handling the server, our team will solve it.


App Development Support in Qatar
App Development Support in Qatar

           Our expert team of designers and developers is of great support for every client. We value the clients and their requirements. The supportive team and our hard work lead to a successful project. We are proudly announcing to you that DIQ is the best supportive Mobile App and Website Development company in Doha, Qatar. DIQ provides 24*7 customer support.

           Customers can freely interact with us. We provide a peaceful and friendly atmosphere to mingle with us. DIQ will put maximum effort to find the correct requirement and ideas from the customer. The customer can convey their ideas in any language. Our powerful team is ready for you. Our support has solved many business-related problems for many clients. The service we provide makes the clients be in contact with us for a long period. From the last years, DIQ has proved to be the best digital service provider for Mobile App and Website Development in Doha, Qatar.


Mobile App Development Company Client Base
Mobile App Development Company Client Base

Our clients are all over the world. DIQ works for clients belonging to any category. We work on high valued projects, medium industry, and small scale projects. Our clients are satisfied with our services. Some of our highly valued clients are Baab Al Rayan Group of Companies, White Aluminium, Gold Souq, Flower Markets, Stores in Qatar, Top Jobs In, etc. We value all clients and work to achieve the final output. 

The main reason for our strong client base is the supportive team. Unity is strength. We are united to develop an amazing product. Our clients have made our company to be the first choice of a mobile app development company in Doha, Qatar. DIQ has around 1000+ clients all over Qatar. Satisfied clients have recommended our company to others. One of the reasons for our company to flourish is our valued customers. We are thankful to all our clients for their prayers and support.


Mobile App Projects in Qatar
Mobile App Projects in Qatar

                The remarkable works are in the field of Mobile App and Website Development, software development, logo and branding, social media marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), web app development, etc. We have released over 1500+ mobile applications since last year. DIQ is shining in the market of Mobile App and Website Development companies in Qatar. It is very important to say about the peculiarity that we offer to the clients of mobile app development. Every project is highlighted with updated features.

                Every new project is based on the current trend. Our team will add exclusive features to make the project more interesting. After completion of the project, we will help the clients by guiding them to increase their productivity. Every project will be the result of an effective hard-working team.


Mobile App Development Planning in Qatar
Mobile App Development Planning in Qatar

               Every successful project is a result of perfect planning. DIQ includes our clients to make strategic planning. Due to this COVID situation, our meetings and planning are done online via zoom. The meetings are arranged according to the client’s availability. In the planning section, the clients can make suggestions about their projects. The planning section gives a clear idea about the project and its working process. Many discussions regarding the doubts, progress, scope, advantages are given importance during planning.

               Our team mainly focuses on describing the designs and functionalities. By the end of the planning section, the framework of the project is made by the designers. Once the framework is finished, it will be easier for clients and developers. The clients will be able to know a short demonstration of their projects. After planning, time will be set for a project to complete. If the planning is perfect, the project delivery time will be within a short period.


               DIQ completes every project within less time. The minimum days for a mobile app development project is 14 days. For website development, it takes 2-3 days to complete. Also, the time depends on the project. If the project is too heavy and is having more functionalities and AI, it takes 20 to 25 days. DIQ finishes every project at the scheduled time. The project will be scheduled according to the details provided in the project proposal. The clients can track the updates of the project.


               DIQ is Qatar’s expertise company of Mobile App and Website Development that does projects for a low affordable cost. The project cost depends upon the requirement of the clients. From the feedback of the clients, we are sure that DIQ is proceeding every project at an affordable price. There are different plans for customers. The customer can choose according to their comfort. The customer can select a monthly plan, half-yearly, or yearly plan.

1.Android Application Development

Android Mobile App Development in Qatar
Android Mobile App Development in Qatar

 DIQ ranks as the best in the field of Android mobile app development company in Qatar. Our Android app development team works with exclusive ideas and updated techniques. We have completed 250+ android apps last year. The main advantage of an android app is that it takes a short time for development and approval. Android development and management is very cost-effective. There are six main types of android mobile apps: Lifestyle mobile apps, Social media mobile apps, Utility mobile apps, gaming/entertainment mobile apps, productivity mobile apps, news/information outlets mobile apps. It is better to prefer android apps for management systems for example restaurant menu booking, delivery application, etc. 

Android apps are simple, easy to use, and manage. Android apps for tabs are now used to manage the admin panel of different types of software and apps. The usability of tabs is very important in the business. Nowadays all type of business is using apps in tabs. By using android apps in tabs admin can easily manage the software.

DIQ develops native and hybrid android apps on mobiles and tabs. For native android app development, Java is used as the programming language and the software used is an android studio. For native flutter app development, the dart is used as a programming language, the software used is the android studio and visual studio. For react native app development, ReactJs is used as the programming language, visual studio and android studio is used as the software. Our highly skilled developers create android apps with high performance and stability. DIQ is offering you the best solution for android mobile applications. We are mainly focusing on e-commerce and ERP.

2. iOS Application Development

iOS apps play an important role in a developed country like Qatar. If the business uses an iOS app, it increases the credibility of that business. iOS apps are mainly designed to expand the business in a digital way. Nowadays the usage of iPhones is increasing among people. As the demand for iPhones is high, the demand for iOS mobile apps is also high. Thus the business people are searching for iOS mobile app development and iOS mobile app developers. DIQ is having years of experience in the field of iOS mobile app development. During the past years, we have developed 300+ IOS apps in Qatar. iOS apps are mainly used for large scale businesses.

We develop iOS mobile apps that are scalable, robust, reliable, and high utility. DIQ has an enthusiastic team of iOS developers and designers. The trending iOS mobile apps increase the productivity of your business. It is better to have an iOS development team for your expanding businesses. DIQ is the best option for your iOS mobile app development.

IOS App Development in Qatar
IOS App Development in Qatar

3.Web App Development 

In this digital era, all are interconnected. Every person needs to handle their business from anywhere in the world. All are busy with their own businesses. Here comes the use of web application development. Web applications are most convenient for business. If the clients need to handle their businesses from any part of the world, the client can make use of web-based applications. The business clients need to access software from everywhere. It is better to use web app in business.

Users can log in and use web-based software from anywhere. Web apps work with the browsers which we are using on the lap and other devices. By using web apps we can save system storage and data. Using the web app users can exchange data. The most common web app is CRM. DIQ has developed 150+ web apps for clients in Qatar. DIQ is known for its web app development services all over the world.

4.Website and Backend Development 

Every customer needs to know about the basic information of many businesses. Every business provides its services and information through websites. Websites are most popular for every kind of business. DIQ develops static and dynamic websites. The cost of the development of static and dynamic websites may vary. We have created over 300+ websites for the clients in Doha, Qatar. Our skilled developers make business websites in a cost-effective manner. DIQ completes a website within 2 to 3 days. If the website has any new additional requirements, the website completion time may vary.

DIQ has created many e-commerce websites for many clients. E-commerce websites are common among online business clients. After developing the website, the clients can add or edit the contents using the backend. Through the backend, clients will be able to design their websites according to their wishes. If the client is having any doubt regarding the website and its backend, our team will guide them with lectures. The tutorials will be provided for the clients, which will help them to use the backend correctly. 

5.Social Media Management 

All businesses need to be promoted digitally. For business expansion, a marketing technique is applied. Different types of marketing techniques are available. The most common type is the marketing done by the company’s marketing team. Every large scale company has an effective marketing team. It is very difficult for small and medium companies to have a marketing team. It will be more useful if the company focuses on digital marketing techniques. Now a days Social media is playing an important role in today’s economy. SMM like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram are popular in the world. Social media marketing is effective marketing in the present world.

SMM helps to reach the services directly to potential customers. New updates and offers of business are sent to the customers via social media. Social media marketing includes YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, etc. All these types of marketing help to increase the traffic of websites. As traffic increases, your business will expand. SMM is the perfect marketing technique that should be applied to every business. 

How does SMM boost your business?

    In today’s world, every person is using social media. Social media sharing is an important factor. The customers can reach your services via social media searches or sharing.
    Social media is the best way to expand your business services. If you are promoting your services through social media, the customers who are searching for the services will be able to find you.
    News trends and fashions are promoted easily. Everyone is searching for new exclusive trends. If you have stunning business ideas, your business will become a topic in social media.
    An expert Social media management team is a core factor. DIQ has the best Social media marketing team with years of experience. If you select a perfect SMM team, your business will work perfectly.
Social Media Management Companies in Qatar
Social Media Management Companies in Qatar

6.Hosting and Domain Service 

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows everyone to make their website accessible in the whole world. Every website needs a domain and hosting account. You can select your web hosting and domain service on your own. The domain name is very important. Selection of a domain name is an important factor. The domain name must be simple and easy to use. Domain selection has different criteria. Domain with fewer letters is more suitable for SEO. Give preference to your business and select a domain with special keywords. Domain extension is very important in SEO. Hosting and domain service plays a key role in the digital world. Different types of hosting plans are available.

DIQ can support you in choosing the right domain and hosting service for your businesses. DIQ helps the clients and guides them with the best domain and hosting services. Over 200+ clients are satisfied with our domain and hosting services. Choose a better option for your business expansion. Always take the right decisions and the right services.

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