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Mobile App Development Company in Qatar

We are the Top Mobile App Development Company in Qatar

We are the award winning Mobile App development company in Qatar.

The use of mobile in this technological world makes the work easy. The mobile app plays a vital role in building a business. Choosing the best mobile app development company in Qatar will make your business to boost up. DIQ is a company that mainly focuses on mobile app and websites.

Our mobile app development company develops innovative mobile apps in Qatar. We use the latest technology and dynamic team. So we are one of the top of the mobile app with approved by the top leading companies in Doha.

DIQ has launched over 48 successful mobile app in Qatar. That have helped many companies in Doha to solve complex business problems. We are proudly announcing to you, that by 2019 we had become one of the best leading mobile app development companies in Qatar.

Let’s create your business success through mobile apps.

We provide our clients with long-lasting, stable, and trusted services. DIQ helps our valued clients to earn money via mobile app. In this situation, we are there with our mobile app and technology. We aim to help individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to develop mobile apps according to the client requirement.

We aim to digitalize the world. DIQ does not show any discrimination between high valued clients and local clients. We help every business with a mobile app or websites or social media marketing. We find happiness when the local business transforms into a digital business via a mobile app. If any business needs marketing support we are there to help you.

Our web development services in Qatar are of low cost and very affordable. Our mobile app development services are very dedicated to helping our clients. The quality and stability of the mobile app that we provide are due to the hard work of our mobile app developers.

Choosing us will be your best decision for mobile apps.

DIQ is the most pioneering force in the digital industry. We aim to be the first choice for developing a high-quality dynamic website, mobile app development, and hosting services. We are based in Doha, Qatar but our clients and mobile apps have been expanded all over the world.

We design mobile apps within a short period. Our mobile app is developed with updated technology and creativity. The mobile app we provide is easy to manage and user friendly. The mobile app is mainly focused on the modern IT industry.

We give importance to each client and their projects. We treat every customer with equal value. Our mobile app developers are mainly aware of the client requirements, thus they develop the mobile app according to client satisfaction. DIQ has skilled mobile app developers with years of practical experience. DIQ has years of experience in developing an innovative and creative mobile app development company in Qatar.


Mobile application development companies in qatar

Our Signature products of digital marketing

DIQ is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Qatar. We provide the best mobile app design and development service across the world. Our expertise includes 

 iOS app development, Android App Development, Web app Development, Hybrid app Development, Internet Marketing, Online Shopping Stores, e-Commerce App, website designing, promotional videos, logo designing, and graphic designing.


We have a highly qualified and efficient team who are experts in creating Mobile and Web Apps for clients across the world. We work together as a team to ensure all our clients get the most professional and cost-effective experience. Our Android and iOS developers offer top service and products to all our clients. The peculiarities of our mobile apps are modern designs, smooth navigation, and great speed.

DIQ team consists of designers, mobile app developers, computer engineers, and SEO specialists. The mobile app development team is very energetic to help the valued clients to develop their brands. DIQ is the best web designing and development company in Doha, Qatar with years of experience in the mobile app development field.

Our main highlights are from the contribution that we had made in the mobile app development. Thereby we are proud to say that DIQ is the best web design and development company in Doha, Qatar.


We proudly say that our mobile apps had improved the top businesses in Qatar. Many of the mobile app features are rare and user friendly. Our company ranks top as the most trusted mobile app development company in Qatar. We are having the potential to boost your business with your mobile apps. DIQ had made vast changes in multinational companies and private companies via our mobile app. 

We are planning a varied number of mobile app for sports by 2022. The mobile app developers of DIQ had created customized complex mobile apps for the new emerging brands in Qatar.

The top mobile apps were done using advanced technologies and web trends. We had completely developed plenty of mobile apps and websites for various services in Qatar.

 iOS Mobile App Development Company in Qatar

Apple has become an eminent name in this changing IT industry. So, in the mobile app development field, it is best to adopt the iOS platform. DIQ is the best mobile app development company that helps startups to spread their business worldwide at a reasonable cost. We have an efficient team of iOS developers with years of experience in iOS mobile app development. Our iOS app development team delivers the product for all devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad. The iOS mobile app development team uses the latest Apple updates, languages, framework, and the latest generation of iPhone, iPad series.

iOS App Development Companies in Qatar
iOS App Development Companies in Qatar

Android Mobile App Development Company in Qatar

Our smart Android app developers deliver innovative apps in several industries. The android app developers work with transparency to establish a trustworthy and honest relationship for re-opportunities. As a leading android app development company, our quality assurance team follows the security, functional, integration, user acceptance, compatibility, and performance of an app. We have a team of experts android app developers and designers that follow the development cycle along with agile methodology. Our focus is to enhance user experience with driven revenue, solving problems, and establishing a better customer relationship.

Android App Development Companies in Qatar
Android App Development Companies in Qatar

Web App Development

DIQ is a web & mobile app development company Qatar. We create high-quality web apps according to the client requirement. DIQ uses the best technologies for effective web App development services. We develop Web Apps that suit the client’s needs & all apps are user-friendly & highly scalable.

Web Apps are necessary for the business to business transactions. With web apps, all businesses can provide several services. We have years of experience in web app development with multiple industries like finance, healthcare, education, and retail.

Hybrid App Development

As one of the leading hybrid app development companies, our portfolio, and clients are satisfied with our hybrid mobile apps. If your business needs experts for your mobile apps, our hybrid app developers are there for you with competitive rates. Our hybrid mobile web developers create solutions that work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems: smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or running iOS, Android. Our team of hybrid app developers includes qualified UX designers, visual designers, and software engineers with deep expertise in mobile web development technologies. With experts & talented mobile app developers, we create a modern platform.

Why your business needs a mobile app?

In today’s business world it is very important to keep a customer satisfied. For the client’s satisfaction, we have to use so many business tricks. A digital medium is very important in business. If you are providing a service or product for the customers, you need a marketing method to flourish your products or service to your customers. Here you can use mobile apps for your business. The mobile app plays an important role in marketing and sales. If your business uses the mobile app, then you can sell your products or provide your services through the mobile app.

The main benefit of using a mobile app by your clients is that your brand identity is always saved on their mobile. If the customer wants to buy a product or service similar to your business user don’t want to go outside of their mobile. If the customer searches in google for the services, they can see multiple service providers. So there is a chance to lose your business in that case. Here the mobile apps work very well. Once the customer downloads your app, they will never approach another service provider. Also, there will be an indirect communication between the customers & service providers with the mobile app. Once the mobile app is installed on the customer’s mobile, they will get notifications regarding your business. This will helps the business.

The main difference between the website and mobile app is about marketing. In the mobile app, the marketing for your business is easier because once the user uses your mobile app they will not leave the service with your business. If the user prefers the website, there is a chance to lose your business because while searching websites there will be multiple service providers. DIQ provides you every available service that you need for your business. We have the fastest mobile app performance available for your business from anywhere around the globe. You don’t need to spend on expensive mobile app developers that focus only on design or ranking – and you don’t have to! Our team offers more than the aesthetic and user-friendliness of your mobile app.

How does your business develop with a mobile app?

The easiest way to develop your businessis with a mobile app.DIQ is the best option for developing your business digitally through mobile apps and websites. If you are providing services or selling products, the mobile app will help to increase customer engagement. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to connect with your customer and to spread your business worldwide. By using a mobile app, you can manage your business digitally for example if you have some products you can sell that product through the mobile app and you can track the customer’s order easily in a mobile app. Thus there will be a mobile app for customers and a mobile app for the business owner.

In some cases, you have to use a delivery management system. So there you can use a delivery management mobile app. By this, you can manage your drivers through mobile app and the drivers can deliver your products by using the mobile app. The main use of the mobile app in this type of business is that you can manage your categories, sub-categories, products, and services a well. By using a mobile app your business will go to a global platform and expand to multiple locations.

The mobile app will help to flourish your business in multiple countries. If you are doing a grocery store, restaurant, flower shop, or a product selling type business, the mobile app is 100% suitable for your business. One of the other key things in the mobile app is for your service type of business. You can use the mobile app for your appointment or schedule a time for your services.

The online payment methods for a mobile app will help you to digitalize your cash flow. By using this in your mobile app you can make sure your customers are genuine. The whole world is transforming from the computer to mobiles so that everyone is depending on mobiles and their apps. So this is the right time for you to digitalize your business through a mobile app.

What do you need to develop a mobile app?

If you want to develop a mobile app you need a creative and efficient team for that. It is very expensive to maintain such a team for mobile app development. So, it is better to tie up with a company that knows mobile app development. It is very hard to find a good company for mobile app development. Before you going to develop a mobile app, you need to know some basics about the mobile app. So you need to explain your business to the development company.

Nowadays it is very hard to find a perfect company in the market. Here we can help you to build a mobile app from the beginning to the end. The first step for the mobile app is planning. To plan your mobile app you need to list your requirements to a document. Using this document a designer can design your mobile app and a developer can plan the development. After the planning is over, we will provide you a demo app according to your requirement. From this demo app, you will get a clear cut idea of your project. If you need any changes in your requirement you can make it possible in this stage. After the confirmation from the client, our developers will start working on the project.

The most peculiar thing is that DIQ will complete the project with minimum time. Our time for the completion of one mobile app is 7 days. After the completion of the project, we will deliver it to you. Also, we will guide you if any help needed. DIQ has a strong foundation with clients. So if any additional requirement or any service for a long time, we are there for you. We work for the client satisfaction. DIQ is the best option for every developing business. Over 100+ clients have selected us as their digital marketing partners. When your company needs to be digitalized DIQ is there for you.

What we can do for you?

DIQ is the best company to choose for your business to reach its zenith. DIQ has many services for clients. According to the client’s needs, we will decide a solution for you. A perfect answer will be there for your solutions and problems. DIQ is such a branded mobile app development company in Qatar. Our clients are around all over the world. We give respect and take respect from the customers. We value the requirements of the customers. DIQ can provide you the world’s best digital platform for your business. Our services are very different and special from other companies. We deal with all the work in a varied manner.

Once the client approaches our company, we will first treat them in a friendly manner. We will explain all our details about the company and our works. If they are satisfied with our works, we will proceed with the project. The main peculiarity of our work is that we take less time to complete each work. The projects we had completed is with a good design and varied functionalities. The loading speed of each mobile app is very high and with great performance. Every mobile app that we develop has a special updated feature and a perfect design. Our satisfied clients are the best reason that makes us the top leading company for mobile apps and websites.

How it will work ?

DIQ works with full dedication in all the projects. We are having strategic planning in completing every work. Our mobile app developers and designers work according to the customer’s needs. We have a special team for designing the mobile app. The designs are simple and user friendly. The developers develop a mobile app with various functionalities and AI. 

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